Metallurgical industry Information Center Party branch deputy secretary, deputy director (presided over the work) Fu Jing visit China Metallurgical Newspaper

On the morning of April 12, Fu Jing, deputy secretary and deputy director of the General Party Branch of the Metallurgical Industry Information Center (hereinafter referred to as the Information Center), visited China Metallurgical Newspaper and had a discussion with Fan Tiejun, deputy secretary-general of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Party secretary and president of the China Metallurgical Newspaper Office, on promoting high-quality development of the industry through collaborative cooperation.

Fu Jing introduced the basic overview and main business of the information center. Established in 1976, the information Center has been engaged in information statistics, price consulting, information resources, network construction and other business work in the steel industry for a long time. Centering on the business development goal of "one body, two wings, one special", comprehensively strengthen the "two wings" and "information, data" of the metallurgical network and the "intelligence, consulting" platform construction of the "one special" energy efficiency and carbon reduction green intelligent platform construction. Positive progress has been made in the construction of the system, and through the metallurgical network, steel intelligence network for iron and steel enterprises, scientific research institutions to provide comprehensive information services. She said that the information Center and China Metallurgical News are brother units in Beijing, and the visit focuses on deepening understanding, learning exchanges and exploring cooperation opportunities. In the next step, the information Center will make full use of its own resource platform to increase services for steel enterprises, and hope to enhance interaction and cooperation with the newspaper office in this regard, and jointly contribute to the high-quality development of the steel industry.

Fan Tiejun warmly welcomed the arrival of Fu Jing and his line, and very much agreed with the view of strengthening coordination between brother units. He introduced the development of China Metallurgical Newspaper. As an authoritative media in the steel industry, China Metallurgical News is committed to telling the story of China's steel, which is reflected in adhering to two principles and giving play to three major advantages. Adhere to two principles: first, adhere to positive reports, from positive reports to find the development direction of the industry; The second is to adhere to comprehensive coverage, covering the whole steel industry chain, the whole innovation chain, and the whole value chain to achieve multi-angle coverage. Give full play to the three advantages: First, give full play to the advantages of newspapers, which are traditional media focusing on the industry and in-depth reporting; Second, give full play to the advantages of rapid response and visual impact of new media; The third is to give full play to the advantages of open cooperation and three-dimensional coordination of the financial media, not only integrating various communication methods, but also cooperating with various media, relevant units, experts and scholars to expand their influence. At present, the newspaper is closely focusing on the core tasks of major national topics and industry development, and building a reporting mechanism of "annual focus, monthly highlights, and weekly hot spots". He said that opening up is a must for development, and the more open the more development. The newspaper has designated this year as the "Year of collaboration", which is to create profits through collaboration. The information center has profound information data collection and integration capabilities in the industry, and has unique advantages in the focus areas of cost reduction and efficiency and green and low-carbon enterprises, and has great potential for long-term development. There is a lot of room for cooperation between the newspaper and the information center in the business field, and we look forward to the two sides embracing openness, mutual benefit and mutual assistance, and a new chapter in the development of "brothers working together".

Zhang Jian, Du Jun, Deputy Director of the Information Center; Zhong Haiyang, Deputy Director of the Information Statistics Department; Gu Jiahua, Deputy director of the Network Construction Department; Lin Ti, director of the Price Consultation Department; Dong Ying, director of the Information Resources Department; Wang Ling, co-director of the Marketing Department; Lu Bing, deputy Editor-in-Chief and Director of the New Media Center of China Metallurgical News Agency, Liu Jiajun, deputy director of the Economic Development Center, Su Yahong, director of the Consulting Research Center, and Xu Keke, deputy director of the New Media Center, participated in the discussion and exchange. They introduced the work in their respective areas of responsibility and discussed the next step of cooperation.