North China Strip steel strategy seminar and information exchange meeting - Nanhu Station successfully held

On March 25, the North China Strip Steel Strategy Seminar and information exchange meeting was successfully held at Nanhu Station. The strip steel will be hosted by Lingyuan Iron and Steel, Rongcheng Iron and Steel for the rotating president of the unit, Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry Association co-organized.

The strip steel strategy seminar has Rongcheng Steel, Jinxi Steel, Ruifeng Steel, Donghua Steel, Xinda Steel, Tianzhu Steel, Tiansteel Union, Wenfeng special steel, Lingyuan Steel, Baigong Steel, Chifeng Zhongtang special Steel, Prochun e-commerce and other nearly 20 units attended the seminar.

At the meeting, the enterprises successively reported the operation situation and price suggestions in March, and finally determined the price settlement index in March and the forecast index in April. Primspring e-commerce as the meeting price index designated release unit on the March strip settlement price index and April strip guide price index released:

In March, the index below 350 executes 3670, 351-450 executes 3690, 451-679 executes 3700, and more than 680 executes 3710, April guidance price: 3900, cash including tax, acceptance plus 50.

Finally, the representatives of Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry Association made a summary speech, and determined that the next strip steel strategy seminar would be hosted by Wenfeng Special Steel, and Jinxi Iron and Steel would be the rotating president unit.